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environmental guidelines

Operate our customers' services and products correctly and in a safe, clean working environment with the proper handling of materials - both usable and recyclable - is part of TGA Logística's corporate strategy.

Our duty is to prevent or eradicate any situations or behaviors that may cause environmental or safety damage to our workers. This is done by observing Code of Ethics of the Company's compliance, the global guidelines for environmental preservation, as well as the basic principles of health, hygiene and industrial safety adopted by TGA and duly audited by responsible institutions.

With the collaboration of our employees, our efforts are aimed at maintaining accident-free operations, working environments without pollution, the correct disposal of waste and the sending of materials for recycling.

TGA Logística has also been working for 2 years on its Quality Policy, in order to start, soon, the implementation of the ISO 9001 Standards in its processes and operations. For this, the Company has been investing in technology and optimization systems for internal and external procedures.

TGA Logística's commitment to sustainability is part of the Company's commitment to remain a dedicated partner for the country's economic growth and social responsibility issues.

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